All about mods

All about mod and their defenition.

1. Mod Money
a. Currency freeze at same value.
    Your currency is freeze and it will never decrease no matter how much you spend it.

 b. Increase instead of decrease.
     Your money will increase everytime you spend it. In this mod you need has money equal or higher than money you need to buy or upgrade items. So when you start the game with no money, please collect some first. *I use this often in my mods.

 c. Exchange
      Buy other currency to increase your money, ex: buy gold with gems.

 d. Alot of money
     I use this rarely. This mod give you alof of money only at fresh install.  If you don't get money from option above, uninstall your game [backup first if you rooted] and start new progress.

 2.  IAP Cracked
     You can purchase any paid item for free on shop.

 3. Free Shopping
     Your money always enough to buy items. Sometimes your currency will goes negative.

 4. High Reward.
     Finished  mission will get reward alot of money. Sometimes the high reward can be earned from achievement or watching ads.

 5. Premium
     Ads in game disable.

 6. Full
     Paid chapter / level have been purchased for free.

 7. Unlocked
     Level or Paid addtional item (character, powerup, etc) lock disable.

 8. Attack
  - Your attack faster than usual.

 9. Damage
  - Your hit damage modified to higher value, you can kill enemy with 1hit.

10. Health/ Invicible /HP.
  - You will never got killed by enemy because your hero health have will never decrease.

11. Speed
  - Your run or walk speed increased.

12. Mana / MP / AP.
  - Your mana is never decrease.

13. Skill
 - Your special skill cooldown have been disable.

 14. Bullet /ammo
  - Your bullet or ammo will never decrease everytime you shoot it.

 15. Cheat menu
  - Game secret menu unlocked for user. Usually the icon is hidden behind setting.