June 4, 2018

Battlelands Royale Apk

Battlelands Royale Apk-Apklover
About Game:
Project : Battlelands Royale Apk
Dev: Futureplay
Genre: Action, Shooting
Updated: May 19, 2018
Size: 59M
Current Version: 0.3.4
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Screenshot: ||
Battlelands Royale Apk-Apklover
Addtional Information:
Internet is required to play.!
What's New!
1.BAZOOKAS! Even more BOOM from Supply Drops
2.ARMOR! Loot shields and spot armored enemies with differentiated damage
3.PARACHUTE! Control your landing
4.MORE PLAYERS! We’ve bumped the Battleland from 24 to 32 players
5.MORE CHARACTERS! 4 epic new characters
6.ITEM SHOP! Use Battle Bucks to get new characters, with awesome content refreshed daily
+ more epic optimizations we promise you’ll love. Are you ready?


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Fight for survival in an epic last man standing multiplayer battle royale - but not as you know it!
Made for mobile, Battlelands Royale is a casual shooting game for everyone to enjoy. With 32 players and 3-5 minute battles it’s pure non-stop carnage! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, shoot and survive! ✊

— Real-time fast-paced 32-PERSON BATTLES against players from all over the world!
— PARACHUTE into your area of choice. Pick your spot, control your landing and get ready to loot!
— HUGE game map to explore. Land in a variety of locations and environments like the West Forest, the Maze, The Hideout and Camper's Paradise.
— Tons of WEAPONS and ITEMS to loot, including armor and med kits!
— Race to SUPPLY DROPS to discover special rare weapons like miniguns and bazookas.
— SHRINKING play area. Stay clear of the storm!
— LEVEL UP your battler and unlock new Rare and Legendary characters.


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